How to discover Barcelona by vespa for FREE

Yes, there really is a way to discover Barcelona by vespa for FREE. If there are two things I really like, it is discovering and getting things for free. Woohoow! In Belgium we say: “twee vliegen in één klap”. With my promo code ´FARAHINTHESUN’ you get FREE minutes when signing up!

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How it works

´Yugo´ is a company that has vespa’s all around the city that you can use. Via an application you can see on a map where they are located. You choose the one that is the nearest by and walk towards it. Then all you need to do is start the vespa with your phone via the app itself. You drive to your destination and just like you started the scooter with your phone, you finish the trip and leave the scooter behind. Now someone else can find it on the map in the app and use it again. Two helmets are included so you can even bring your buddy. Note: you can only drive in the city center.  The vespa’s are electrical so you don’t need to fill them up and you also don´t need to worry about insurance or a deposit. Easy!

Get FREE minutes

Step 1: Download the ‘Yugo’ app

Step 2: Click this link to create a Yugo account with my promo code ‘FARAHINTHESUN’. It will automatically give you 30 FREE minutes. After that it is  € 0,22 / minute only.

Step 3: Find a scooter nearby in the app (it shows you on a map).

Step 4: Walk towards the scooter and start it with your phone in the app. Drive wherever you want to go and park it again somewhere on the street. Stop the ride again with your phone.

The best way to discover the city! It is also available in Bordeaux (France).

Happy exploring!


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