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What's in it?

This ebook + interactive action plan will teach you step by step how to achieve your goals and 

get into the right mindset for success.


It is created for you, focused on immediate action including interactive worksheets to fill in.


It is designed to be multi-functional. You can use the exact same techniques and strategies for different aspects in your life or goals you want to achieve. For example do you want to learn a new language? Do you want to create a healthier lifestyle? Achieve goals regarding your studies or business? …?

  • Chapter 1: Clear your mind & soul
    Starting fresh! How to get organised including a check list with everything you need to clear your mind and your soul.
  • Chapter 2: Set goals

    Getting clarity, brainstorming & deciding on your goals in every field of life.

  • Chapter 3: Make a plan

    Time for action! Step by step creating a realistic to put your goals into action and start doing instead of thinking.

  • Chapter 4: Stay on track

    How to stay motivated, productivity hacks and keep on going until you reach the finish line! 

  • Chapter 5: Make it happen
    Ready for success! You will now have a clear idea of your goals and a clear plan to make it happen!
  • Surprise bonus
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Do you have a million ideas in your head, things you want to do but don’t know how to organise them or where to start?

You keep on adding pins to your pinterest boards full of ideas but somehow they never turn into reality. Anything is possible but not everything. It is all about discovering what matters and finding your focus.


Are you sick and tired of all the people around you moving forward but you feel stuck?

Maybe you are moving forward but just not fast enough. What is the missing link? This action plan will work as a guide to push you forward and take you on the right track!


Do you start new projects full of motivation but after a little while you start slacking down and you give up…

Good ideas & motivation is not enough. You need more! Specific tips & tricks will help you to stay on track and keep you going in the right direction. Even on days that you feel a bit low.


Time to stop thinking and start doing…

My ebook will help you to decide which ideas to let go and which ones to go for. Learn how to clear your mind and soul, set your goals, stay focused, create good habits, be productive, get into the right mindset for success, stay motivated and finally get that sh*t done.



How I ended up here & why I wrote this ebook?

A couple of years ago I read a book, got inspired and decided to change my mindset 360degrees. What happened next was months of learning and discovering how to be most productive, how to maximise my time and training my mind to be disciplined. I experimented, did tons of research, read books, did workshops and more.

books motivation farahinthesun


I discovered different techniques and strategies that really helped me to stay on track, achieve my goals and as a result many dreams came true.


I am fully self-employed, as a blogger and helping other businesses to grow online. Being my own boss from a young age I know exactly how to manage my time and what to do in order to get sh*t done.

I constantly travel, speak fluently 6 languages, found a way to stay fit and as a blogger I inspire young women to do chase their dreams and be the best version of themselves.

I am also the global ambassador for female entrepreneurship of a company that connects people with great ideas to investors. Going to lots of network events and interviewing inspiring women in the business world.

This would all not be possible without great planning and a strong focus on achieving my goals.

The last couple of years I’ve had so many great opportunities and met the most inspiring people. Now I’d love to share some things I’ve learned.


That is why I created this action plan to share my experience and the things I learned to inspire you to reach the same amazing results.

grab your chance!

this offer will expire in...

(Normally sold for €23)

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