SUCO silent disco workout, the best way to release your inner child

An all-around exercise for your heart, body and soul.

SUCO, the Sunshine Collective, Silent Disco workout.

SUCO is something you can’t describe unless you have experienced it yourself. It is a silent disco mindful workout and a combination of meditation, yoga, HIIT and dancing. But it is much more than that… It releases your inner child and it is designed for you to connect, to feel free, to have fun and to let loose.

At the start, everyone receives a pair of ultra sound headphones that light up in the dark. It starts with some meditation, followed by crazy dancing like a dinosaur, some active jumping, yoga poses, focusing on breathing and interaction with each other. Every time it is set at a unique location such as a rooftop overlooking the city, the park, the beach at sunrise or sunset, in the moon light,…  All sessions are unique and have a different focus such as setting your inner child free or exploring outside of your comfort zone.

You can be 100% yourself, you don’t need any experience and the ages range from young till old. The vibe is amazing and you will feel connected to each and everyone. It is something unique and different from any other type of yoga or exercise class.

A combination of a party, a workout & letting go.

At the moment there are sessions in Barcelona, Johannesburg and Amsterdam but SUCO will soon be world wide. It is something you just have to put on your bucket list and experience yourself!

If you are lucky to be in one of the above cities you can be part of it and I even have a discount code for you.

Use discount code ‘FARAHINTHESUN’ and get a 10% off. Click here for more info & tickets.

See you there!

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