My secret tips to grow long mermaid hair

& how to keep it healthy.

A while ago my hair used to be super dry, break quickly and it wasn’t growing at all. I thought I was doing everything I had to do like regular cuts and not use the straightener too often I still didn’t get any good results. I changed my game and discovered that to grow beautiful long mermaid hair you don’t need expensive products or hairdresser appointments. Here are 8 tips to grow your hair and keep it healthy.

1.  Bye bye hairdresser

The easiest thing to let your hair grow is to stop cutting it (duh). Everyone always says that you need a regular haircuts for it to grow better but definitely not for me. It’s true that if your ends are broken it is good to give it a little trim once in a while but hairdressers always cut off way more than they promise. Sometimes if the ends are getting really thin I cut off a tiny cm myself or ask a friend.

2. Be gentle and avoid brushing too much

Whenever you brush your hair don’t go crazy. Try to get the knots out with your fingers. When your hair is wet, it is most fragile so also don’t rub it too much with your towel. The only time I comb my hair is right after I’ve put conditioner, underneath the shower or with a tangle teezer brush. Shop tangle teezer brush.

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3. Coconut oil is always a good idea

Once in a while for extra hydration put some coconut oil on your hair at least one hour before you shower as a treatment so it can really soak up all the goodness. For soft ends put a little bit in your hands use it after it is washed and towel dried. Only on the ends though otherwise your hair gets greasy. Shop coconut hair oil.

4. Chuck those elastics with metal & avoid knots

Use a clip or hair tie without metal so you hair doesn’t get stuck in it. Avoid getting knots in your hair by protecting it from the wind and putting it in a braid to sleep

“I hope that wherever my hair ties go, that they are happy.”

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5. Keep it natural

Your hair is not fan of chemical products and hair dye. For natural highlights, sunlight and lemon juice is the best combination. Avoid hot flat irons, curlers and blow dryers or use a protective spray. Shop coconut heat protection spray + UV filter.

6. Skip a wash

It is good to wait as long as possible before washing your hair until it becomes a bit greasy.

7. Give your hair what it needs: VITAMINS

The same vitamins that help your hair grow also make your nails strong and skin glow. What you need are vitamins D, E, C and omega 3. In human language that is a lot of nuts, veggies, fruit and sunshine. You can also take an omega 3 supplement daily.

8. Just wait & be patient

Last but not least,… wait for it.

If you follow these tips, your hair will grow in no time! Make sure you treat it well and take care of it at anytime.

Good luck!

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