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Create a healthy lifestyle & a fit routine you LOVE with long-term results.

      • Including 10 healthy easy-to-make recipes with plant-based and gluten free options.
      • Including 1 month free premium online personal MEAL PLANNER (in English).
      • Including planners, trackers and printable templates.
      • You get instant access to both the English & Dutch version.


Here Is What You Get:

+ Following Bonuses

Divided In Different Chapters + Bonuses

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  • Intro
  • About me
  • This is a wake-up call
  • You are amazing
  • The benefits of a healthy lifestyle
  • Reaching milestones
  • How your body works
  • The simple formula to lose weight or get ripped
  • How to lose weight in a healthy way. Long-term results!
  • #1 rule: nothing is forbidden
  • How to compose a healthy meal: macros
  • Control your portions
  • Food portion chart
  • Control your portions tips
  • Real food does not sell itself
  • If you can’t pronounce the ingredient, don’t eat it
  • Keep it clean
  • Clean eating food list
  • Dealing with cravings
  • Tricks to resist cravings
  • Hydration is key: water keeps you alive
  • Tips to drink more water
  • Alcohol in a healthy lifestyle
  • Essential supplements
  • Implementing healthy food step by step (positive approach)
  • Healthy food ideas
  • Brainstorm food ideas: your turn!
  • How to set up your own meal plan that works
  • Meal plan + Grocery list templates
  • Save time and money by food prepping
  • Holding on in difficult situations
  • Useful tools & apps to make your life easier
  • Recap: remember this 
  • The end: congratulations
  • Resources
  • Printable clean eating guide
  • Food ideas ‘brainstorm sheet’
  • Meal planner I
  • Meal planner II
  • Grocery list template
  • 1 month free premium plan on my favorite online personal MEAL PLANNER (in English only)

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Recommended by

Debbie Peverelli

Certified personal Trainer & health coach
Based in the Netherlands. More info:

To begin with, I truly adore Farah for her kindness and her enthusiasm that is super contagious. These two elements really are reflected in her ebook and help you to feel motivated from the first page! 

One of the things I like most is that it doesn’t focus on losing weight. No, it focuses on treating yourself and your body right, so you will start to FEEL amazing!

Farah’s ebook truly helps to make better lifestyle choices, one step at a time. Hence it is very easy to adhere to the great advice she is giving. Her tips are very practical and it also prepares you for possible struggles. 

This ebook is a great investment in yourself and I believe everyone should read it, so you start treating yourself the way you deserve!


  1. Nina

    This guide is the best. It really explains you the most important things you need to know about nutrition. What I love is that it doesn’t only focus on losing weight but on becoming the healthiest and fittest version of you. Not only to get a fit body but also on how to treat your body right, so you will start to FEEL amazing!

  2. Caroline

    I really loved all the printable planners and trackers. This guide really motivates you to take immediate action and start with a healthy lifestyle TODAY! I am so happy that I discovered Farah’s guides and recommend it to everyone!

  3. Tine

    I loved it from the beginning till the end!!

  4. Mirthe

    First I purchased the fitness guide. I loved it so much that I HAD TO get the nutrition guide as well. Farah’s enthusiasm is contagious and I felt so motivated after reading her guides. I already lost 2kgs while feeling balanced and not hungry at all. I thought diets were horrible but this guide shows you how to create a healthy lifestyle in a fun and doable way!

  5. Stephanie

    5 stars on this guide and more! I learned and discovered so many new things. It’s so motivating and I already feel the results.

  6. Julia

    Ik heb net het eerste boek uit. Het is echt een leuk boek dat super gemakkelijk leest en met veel leuke en handige tips. Nu we deze periode toch thuis moten blijven ga ik zeker alle receptjes proberen en ermee aan de slag.

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