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It’s time to transform your lifestyle and create a healthy routine you LOVE.

Feel balanced, become fit and GLOW FROM THE INSIDE OUT.

Focused on long-term results!

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110 PAGES Full Of My Personal Healthy Lifestyle Tips & Tricks

To look good, feel amazing and make you GLOW FROM THE INSIDE OUT!

It is not gonna tell you to eat no carbs or do a million burpees. Neither is it a 3-month program to get yourself a tight bikini body and then give up to get back to your old lifestyle.

This guide is focused on transforming your MINDSET and LONG-TERM RESULTS.

Nothing is forbidden and I want you to FEEL AMAZING. By using a positive approach and mindset hacks, we’re going to try to make it as easy as possible.

You are unique, so no fit program or guide could tell you exactly how and what to do. That’s why this ebook teaches you how to create YOUR OWN systems and strategy.

Good organization is key and you’ll learn how to implement all the tips step-by-step, so you don’t feel overwhelmed.




  1. Debbie Peverelli

    To begin with, I truly adore Farah for her kindness and her enthousiasm is super
    contagious. These two elements really are reflected in her fit guide and help you to feel motivated right after reading the first page! Farah’s fit guide is awesome and it helped me in so many ways! One of the things I like most is that it doesn’t focus on losing weight. No, it focuses on treating yourself and your body right, so you will start to FEEL amazing! Farah’s guide truly helps to make better lifestyle choices, one step at a time. Hence it is very easy to adhere the great advise she is giving. Her tips are very practical and it also prepares you for possible struggles. This guide is a great investment in yourself and I believe everyone should read it, so they will start treating themselves like they deserve ❤

  2. Lilla Tamas

    Farah’s guide is relatable with realistic step-by-step action plans to achieve anyone’s goals! Ever since I can remember I have been struggling with shedding mental and physical weight, and maintaining balance in life. I have been following Farah for years and have seen the major positive transformation that can be attained when one stays focused and believes in themselves. Every little bit counts! Her ebook is an inspiration that gives me boosted motivation to keep pushing on and achieve slow and steady yet long lasting results!

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