Ebook: Master Your Mindset (discount)


It’s time to shift your focus, learn to be disciplined and push yourself further than you’ve ever done before.

Many fit guides give you lots of explanations on what to eat, recipes or workouts… but they miss a very important part. THE MINDSET. Without a disciplined mindset and motivation, you won’t get the RESULTS you are dreaming of. 

– How to find motivation? – How to become disciplined? – How to overcome struggles? – How not get overwhelmed by all the information? – How to take control over your decisions? – How to create good habits so your automatic pilot takes over? – …

This ebook is focused on creating a healthy lifestyle you LOVE with long-term results by using a positive approach, motivation hacks, goal setters and more!

Exercise is one of the important key elements of a healthy lifestyle but also goes hand in hand with good nutrition & regular exercise (check out the discount bundle).

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Here’s what is included:

+ Following Bonuses

Divided In Different Chapters + Bonuses

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  • Intro
  • About me
  • Flaws and all
  • Leave your past and all your excuses behind. A fresh start!
  • Reprogram your mind: winner’s mentality
  • Feed your mind with positive thoughts
  • No one is born with discipline. You can learn it.
  • The impact of your small daily decisions
  • You are in control
  • Choosing for what you want now or what you want most?
  • Small efforts lead to big results: consistency is key
  • The phases you’ll go through
  • How to find motivation
  • How to stay motivated: motivation hacks!
  • Get into your flow
  • Your WHY power
  • Crush your goals: S.M.A.R.T
  • Goal setter template
  • Goal examples and inspiration


  • Success depends on your habits
  • Golden tips to create good habits
  • Healthy habit tracker template
  • Overcoming struggles
  • Overcoming struggles: into action
  • Holding on in difficult situations
  • Recap: remember this
  • The end: congratulations


  • Healthy habit tracker
  • Overcoming struggles action sheet

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What other’s say…

To begin with, I truly adore Farah for her kindness and her enthusiasm that is super contagious. These two elements really are reflected in her ebooks and help you to feel motivated from the first page! 

One of the things I like most is that it doesn’t focus on losing weight. No, it focuses on treating yourself and your body right, so you will start to FEEL amazing!

Farah’s ebook truly helps to make better lifestyle choices, one step at a time. Hence it is very easy to adhere to the great advice she is giving. Her tips are very practical and it also prepares you for possible struggles. 

This ebook is a great investment in yourself and I believe everyone should read it, so you start treating yourself the way you deserve!

Debbie Peverelli – Certified personal Trainer & health coach @theliftnl

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To create a healthy lifestyle that makes you look good, feel amazing and GLOW from the inside out. + BONUS: 12 easy-to-make recipes.


Become strong, look toned, have more energy & get the results you’ve always dreamed of… + BONUS: 8 week home workout plan.

EBOOK: Master your MINDSET

To create a healthy lifestyle you LOVE with long-term results, that you can keep up with for life!  + BONUS: printable planners & trackers.

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