Oktoberfest: the biggest beer festival in the world

Welcome to the world of beer, sausages, girls with big boobs, lederhösen and bad german songs.

Every year many beer drinkers find their way to Munich to take part of the biggest and best known beer festival ‘Oktoberfest’. It last about two weeks and to confuse you, most part of the festival takes place in september.

There are diferent beer halls where everyone is sitting around big tables drinking as much beer as possible guided by a German orchestra. Strong blond women with braids are running around with big jugs of beer. They carry sometimes more than 10 super heavy jugs at the same. Impressive!

At oktoberfest it’s all about tradition and being sober is not an option. Everyone is wearing dirndls (for girls) and lederhösen (for boys) even if it’s cold outside and the nipples are freezing. The atmosphere is great and everyone is happy. When you need a break from all the booze you can go to the amusement park or fill your tummy with sweets, pretzels, sausages, pie, schnitzel,… You feel like a little kid again and Oktoberfest is your playground.

Stoke travel has a big campsite setup 30 mins by public transportation. Here the fun just continues. People from all around the world are dancing together, drinking, doing beer bongs, spinning the wheel and having the best time of their lives. Don’t be surprised when you suddenly see someone run around naked, drink a beer from a boot or watch a guy dressed like a lobster. It’s al part of the stoke madness you just have to experience yourself.

If you want to discover more of the city Munich the well-educated Stoke guides will show you around. You’re mum will be proud when she notices that you’ve picked up something about the German culture and history besides drinking beer.
Oktoberfest is a one in a lifetime experience and you should def put it on your bucket list.Stoke Travel offers a great place to stay, amazing food, parties with live bands, awesome music, great people and unforgettable memories.
Use promo code Farahinthesun‘ and get FREE beer and sangria as much as you want at the campsite.

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