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Create a healthy lifestyle mind body & soul! Get all ebooks combined with a big discount.

Let’s get MOVING + workout program
Master your MINDSET + printables, trackers, planners
Let’s get NOURISHED + healthy recipes

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Get the ebooks combined with a big discount!


  • Ebook: let’s get moving
  • Ebook: master your mindset
  • Ebook: let’s get nourished


  1. Debbie PEVERELLI

    To begin with, I truly adore Farah for her kindness and her enthousiasm is super
    contagious. These two elements really are reflected in her fit guide and help you to feel motivated right after reading the first page! Farah’s fit guide is awesome and it helped me in so many ways! One of the things I like most is that it doesn’t focus on losing weight. No, it focuses on treating yourself and your body right, so you will start to FEEL amazing! Farah’s guide truly helps to make better lifestyle choices, one step at a time. Hence it is very easy to adhere the great advise she is giving. Her tips are very practical and it also prepares you for possible struggles. This guide is a great investment in yourself and I believe everyone should read it, so they will start treating themselves like they deserve ❤

  2. Lilla

    Farah’s guide is relatable with realistic step-by-step action plans to achieve anyone’s goals! Ever since I can remember I have been struggling with shedding mental and physical weight, and maintaining balance in life. I have been following Farah for years and have seen the major positive transformation that can be attained when one stays focused and believes in themselves. Every little bit counts! Her ebook is an inspiration that gives me boosted motivation to keep pushing on and achieve slow and steady yet long lasting results!

  3. Axelle

    aaaand she did it again. Farah always tries to inspire girls through her Instagram profile by just being her real self. I’ve been following her for years now, and she’s been such an inspiration to me. Right now, after reading her guide, I’m so motivated to change my habits, start eating healthier, work out more and take better care of my body. And not because she told me to, but because I realised -by reading her book- that I had to. It doesn’t feel like an impossible task anymore. I know now I can work towards a better me without changing my whole life. Believe me; Farah will inspire and motivate you! If you are ready to become the best version of yourself (or work for it), then this purchase is absolutely worth it!

  4. Sofie

    The fitness guide is everything! I don’t have a gym subscription but the exercises are so easy to do from anywhere. It really gives you what it promises. The workouts are easy to hold on to as it comes with a planner and printable templates to help you hold on! Definitely recommend this guide to everyone who wants to become fit with long-term results!

  5. Caroline

    I really loved all the printable planners and trackers. This guide really motivates you to take immediate action and start with a healthy lifestyle TODAY! I am so happy that I discovered Farah’s guides and recommend it to everyone!

  6. Tine

    These guides are the best. The nutrition guide really explains you the most important things you need to know about nutrition. What I love is that it doesn’t only focus on losing weight but on becoming the healthiest and fittest version of you. Not only to get a fit body but also on how to treat your body right, so you will start to FEEL amazing!

  7. Tine

    I loved it from the beginning till the end!!

  8. Mirthe

    First I purchased the fitness guide. I loved it so much that I HAD TO get the nutrition guide as well. Farah’s enthusiasm is contagious and I felt so motivated after reading her guides. I already lost 2kgs while feeling balanced and not hungry at all. I thought diets were horrible but this guide shows you how to create a healthy lifestyle in a fun and doable way!

  9. Luz lorena de la rosa

    Farah’s fitness guide is such a useful tool to start your fitness journey and become the fittest version of yourself! As a personal trainer, I can tell you that this fitness guide will really help you to get great RESULTS! It’s designed in a way to create a healthy lifestyle and become fit in a fun and doable way but at the same time, it challenges you to push yourself further to become stronger & fitter. You can do the exercises from everywhere so it’s easy to leave your excuses behind and just go for it! The guide is super motivating and what I love is that it also explains you “how” and “why” you have to do things in a certain way to achieve the best results.With this fitness guide you will really discover the warrior within you!

  10. Stephanie

    5 stars on the guides and more! I learned and discovered so many new things. It’s so motivating and I already feel the results.

  11. Julia

    Ik heb net het eerste boek uit (let’s get nourished). Het is echt een leuk boek dat super gemakkelijk leest en met veel leuke en handige tips. Nu we deze periode toch thuis moten blijven ga ik zeker alle receptjes proberen en ermee aan de slag. Ik kan niet wachten om de andere boeken ook te lezen.

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