My weight loss transformation (-10kg)

A couple of years ago I went from always being very skinny to suddenly gaining lots of weight and feeling uncomfortable in my skin. In only a couple of months I lost all my energy, confidence and had a lot of bad stomach problems. I thought I was doing the right thing by exercising heaps and eating food which I thought was healthy. I didn’t know what to do anymore but decided not to give up until I found a way to become the happy, energetic Farah again, to be fit, healthy and to feel good in my skin.

I gained 10 kgs in 6 months time, while eating what I thought was healthy and working out every day with no results...

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When I was 20 years old, I left the parents’ nest and moved to Barcelona. I did not know how to cook, what to make and was overwhelmed by all the mixed messages on what is healthy? Or how to exercise? I usually ended up making way too much food, ate as much as I could (didn’t want to waste duh…) and often couldn’t resist all the Spanish tapas & sangria. Yum!

After Barcelona, I worked as a flight attendant and was often traveling around so had no time, money or a kitchen to make food. Sometimes having only an entire avocado for lunch or surviving on bread with peanut butter and banana was just the easiest option or only inspiration I had (how good is that combination though…).  

In a short amount of time I was gaining more and more weight. I had always been skinny but in 6 months time I gained approx. 10 kgs. I was often tired, feeling bad or recovering from a food coma. The result… I ended up in a negative spiral of gaining weight, hating my body, feeling guilty and insecure, crash diets, working out heaps and overeating of what I thought was ‘healthy’.

One day I decided to start listening to my body and change my lifestyle completely.

What followed was me starting to read heaps of books, doing tons of research and I even did a course to become a nutritionist. I quit sugar, replaced all processed food, diet food or the other crap that big industries try to sell us by real, fresh, healthy food and water. I found fun ways to exercise and threw the scale in the bin.

I was never fat, cause what is “fat”? That’s also not what it was about. I was suddenly much heavier than my normal self, def not healthy and wanted to be energetic and feel good in my skin again.

Little by little, I learned to love my body again. I found a way to be fit & healthy on a budget, without wasting hours in the kitchen. I eat clean, do a combination of yoga, cardio exercise and resistance training. Food prep is key and as the world is my playground, I work out while traveling, doing business and exploring new places.


It took a lot of time, patience and will power but I feel better and stronger than ever before. I’m full of energy and finally found a healthy balance (still loooove food)! It is all about creating good habits and developing a healthy lifestyle that you can continue.

The most important thing is to feel healthy again and having my confidence back. I’m full of energy, have strong hair and nails, a happy mood, good immune system, a balanced mind, clear skin and feel amazing.

What’s your story? Have you ever gained lots of weight suddenly? Have you ever tried a diet or changing towards a healthier lifestyle with or without success? Let me know your story in the comments below!


Free printable WORKOUT TRACKER

Let’s become fit! Stay motivated & ON TRACK.
Click the button below to download the workout tracker for free.


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Elise February 20, 2020 - 21:09

ik ben ook 10 kilo bijgekomen in 5 maanden tijd en ik heb een er hele mental breakdown door gekregen… Wat deed jij precies om zo mager te worden? Hoe lang duurde het om te komen zoals je nu bent? Maar ben je nu niet té mager??

Farah Cuyvers March 22, 2020 - 14:01

Hi Elise,

Stap voor stap heb ik een gezonde levensstijl gecreëerd met veel gezonde voeding en beweging. Al mijn tips en hoe jij dat ook kan doen vind je in mijn e-boeken. Het duurde wel enkele maanden om terug op mijn normale gewicht te komen maar daardoor heb je ook lange-termijn resultaten. Ga je te snel dan heb je weer het jojo-effect. Ik ben nu op mijn ideale gewicht en voel me ook heel sterk vol energie. Zoals je me op tv zag was ik inderdaad te mager omdat ik deelnam aan expeditie robinson en daar heb je heel weinig eten omdat je moet overleven. Maar nu, dankzij mijn gezonde levensstijl heeft mijn gewicht zich weer aangepast.


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