Getting lost and found at the same time

Life in Barcelona goes fast and how my life has changed in the last year is insane. If I look back to myself one year ago, I was  back in Belgium for a couple of months, trying to decide what I was gonna do. I didn’t even had a laptop or didn’t know which country I was gonna live. I had been traveling and moving to different places non-stop for the last 4 years. I know it sounds boring but I was so ready to settle down a bit, get back into some routine and focus on work!

I moved back to Barcelona and got some great opportunities to work as a freelancer in digital marketing with different brands and companies. I was so excited but had so many things to learn. I was always trying to push myself to the limits and do the best I can. On top of that I was setting up my blog which involved lots of trial and error, experimenting and ‘finding myself’. Everything was new and my life felt like a roller coaster. I got caught up in always trying to do something productive and I was just not having enough fun anymore.  

Into the wild I go, losing my way, finding my soul…

Time to travel and get lost again to find myself. I escaped to Bali and as amazing it is to live in Barcelona, it’s so nice to travel again. The chilled vibe, the happy people, sunshine, fresh coconuts daily and surfing make me feel so good. I just needed a reminder of this. Chasing the sun, walking around barefoot, salty hair, sunkissed skin. YES, this is me, this is Farah!

sunset bali farahinthesun travel blog

I’m so grateful that I can do what I want to do and this month in Bali, I am just gonna focus on myself. This one is for me!  I started to make my first videos and got some model opportunities and cool collaborations coming my way. Yew! I feel so inspired and everything I am doing feels so right. I’m so excited although I need to remind myself to stop for a second and do absolutely nothing once in a while. I know I am on the right way and when I go back to Barcelona I’ll be ready to keep on rocking.

sunset bali farahinthesun travel blog

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Check out my first video that I edited below! It’s a little ‘behind the scenes’ video of a collaboration with a brand that contacted me on instagram.

My first vlog about Bali is coming soon and it will be the start of my youtube channel! Stay tuned!

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