La Tomatina, the world’s biggest food fight

Join the biggest Bolognese in the world!

Once year, in a small town just outside Valencia in Spain you can paint the town red and become part of the world’s biggest tomato food fight. Spain has some strange traditions and this is definitely one of them. I joined the battle, got covered in tomatoes and experienced something I had never done before.

Big trucks loaded with tomatoes drive through the streets while thousands of people are throwing non-stop tomatoes at each other. Sounds like good fun and that’s what the tomato fight is. It is something you have never done before and you will def never do something like this again.

You are surrounded by tomatoes and everything is red. I mean EVERYTHING. The streets, the houses, your clothes, your friends,… You are literally standing in a soup of tomatoes up to your knees. After on hour of throwing tomatoes and sliding down tomato juice pools, the locals are happy to throw some buckets of water on top of you from their balconies.

It gets even more strange… There is big greasy pole in the middle of the crowd with a big ham hanging on top of it. Yes ham… like in meat. The tomato fight kicks off from the moment someone can reach the ham. Of course, as you can imagine they made it very difficult so it is very entertaining to see everyone sliding down the greasy pole. Including me… Yes I was one of those crazy ones who went for it. I was standing on a pyramid of three layers of people trying to embrace the greasy pole to reach the ham, without any success.

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If you want to experience the crazy tomato fight yourself, than the best way to go is with Stoke Travel. Accommodation nearby will be hard to find and it is very expensive during this time. Stoke Travel has a set up just a bus ride away, on a camp site right next to the beach. It’s more than just a place to recover from the tomatoes. They organize a big party with amazing paella, live music, a bar with a spinning wheel and you will meet travelers from all over the world. Before the festival, a fresh bloody mary will be waiting for you to get you into the right mood. The vibes are great and if you book through this link and use promocode ‘MALIBU’ you get free beer and sangria as much as you want.

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It’s worth spending a couple of days as there are many parties going on. The night before the tomato fight there is a big water & wine festival in another Spanish town. No worries, cause Stoke Travel takes care of it all. They organize buses to take you there and back. People are dancing in the streets and throwing wine at each other so you can already prepare for the big fight. After La Tomatina you will have to scrub the tomatoes off and the best way to do this is to jump in the ocean. In the evening, there is a big official after pool party where everyone comes together to dance the night away underneath the stars.

So if you want to do something unforgettable, have an amazing experience or just smoosh a tomato in your best friend’s face, come to La Tomatina and join the worlds biggest food fight! Remember: if you book by clicking the button below, you will receive free unlimited beer & sangria as much as you want!

See you there!

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