How to turn your dreams into action

Are you a dreamer? Are you full of great ideas and ready to take over the world? Do you want to get the most out of life and also enjoy it as much as you can? I guess you do and that is amazing! How boring would the world be if their were no people full of ambition, reaching higher than the sky.

Somehow all these dreams never seem to get accomplished, you feel like it is taking forever or you’re overwhelmed by all your ideas and don’t know where to start. You look at others who seem to do great in life and start comparing yourself. You feel like you’re falling behind and want to give up before you even started.

Listen to this. You are not falling behind. No matter how young or old you are, you still have enough time to explore, to make your dreams come true and to find enough reasons to live. Just like all successful people, you gotta start somewhere and there is no magical solutions to success. To live the life of your dreams you gotta be patient, work hard, take it one step a time and not be scared that it’s too late or it’s going to slow cause life isn’t a race.

“Forget all the reasons why it won’t work and believe in the one reason why it will.””

So what is the magical trick to turn those dreams into action?

All you need is a plan! First decide what is it exactly that you are dreaming of? What are the ultimate goals you want to accomplish and which small steps you need to take in order to do this. It is important to be as SPECIFIC as possible. If you write down ‘I want to have my own clothing brand’ or ‘I want to become a traveling photographer’, your ideas are still floating in the air and it ain’t gonna work.

Instead write down: ‘My goal is to have my own clothing brand up and running with my first collection in one year from now’ Or ‘In 2 years time I want to be able to have visited min. 4 countries where I made money with my photos. You see? Your goals need to be specific and something you can actually work towards to.

“A dream not written down is only a fantasy”

Okay so now what actions do you need to take to accomplish this? Write down all the steps, make lists and tick of every task one by one. Set deadlines for yourself and don’t fool yourself. Make sure you stick to them! It is also important you create good daily habits that help you grow towards your goal. What are the small baby steps to take?

Here are some examples of baby steps: ‘read at least one book a month about business to improve your skills’ or ‘growing my portfolio as a travel photographer by 1 amazing photo a week’. Do you understand what I am saying? These are just examples. Now it’s time to create your own!

Make sure you don’t set your standards too high but also not too low. Along the way you can always adjust your plan if it is too hard or if you feel like you can do more.


We gotta dream big, aim high and set goals… But just remember that reaching your goals is only a destination. It’s about the journey and you gotta remember that that journey never goes into a straight line. You will fail, you will struggle and things won’t go completely like you want. That is all part of the journey and it will make you stronger!

RECAP: what is your dream? What are your specific goals related to this dream? What are the steps to take and what daily habits are you creating to reach your goals. Start here and start now! All you have to do is take that first step and the rest will follow. Believe in yourself, be patient and never ever give up. Good things are about to happen. I know you can do it! Good luck.

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