10 tips to control your time instead of time controlling you

How to finally getting sh*t done

We are always running around, we’re on a tight schedule and that to do list seems never-ending. It feels like time flies and there are not enough hours in a day. The truth is that we do have more time than you think and yes YOU CAN get that shit done! It is all about how you fill in those 24 hours of the day.

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1. Declutter

When everything is in its place and clean you will have piece of mind. You won’t waste time looking for things you lost and you will be more productive. Get rid of everything you don’t need and organize. Pick one day of the week that you dedicate to ‘getting your shit together & organize’.

2. Focus & chill: 45/15 rule

Use this rule for productive procrastinating. When you are working on an important task, set a timer and divide your time. Put your phone away, no distractions and for 45 minutes, focus ONLY on that specific task. In those 15 other minutes have a break, do something fun, movearound, have some food, get some fresh air,… so you are ready for another focus boost.

3. Limit your time on social media

Go on a phone diet. On average people spend almost three hours a day looking at their phone (whuttt?!). Imagine what you could do if you had three more hours a day. What would you do with the time?

4. Set your own deadlines

If you have to do something, JUST DO IT! Don’t wait till you have to scrub the dishes or pay fines because you forgot to pay the bills. Procrastination is a waste of energy and time. You can use the two-minute rule which means that if you come up with something and can get it done in two minutes, you have to do it.

5. Take small steps

If you do something small everyday, it will pay off in the end. Read ‘The Compound Effect.’It is all about being productive and achieving great results by taking smalls steps. It literally changed my view on life.

6. Limit netflix & chill

And another episode and another episode and another one,… before you know you watched whole the season and your day/night is gone. Set a limit!

7. Eat that frog

Have you heard of this expression before? Think about the most annoying task that is on your to-do list for today? The one you hate the most and you want to delay as much as you can. Well, that is your frog… So first thing you do from the moment you wake up is to do that annoying thing first! In stead of thinking all day ‘Oh fuck I have to do it’, you will think ‘fuck yeah I have done it’.

Read: Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time

8. Create good habits / routine

After a while you get in the flow of just doing your stuff instead of procrastinating. It takes some time but the more you use the tips above the easier it will get, the more shit you will get done.

9. Plan plan plan

Write down all the shit you need to do, put them in the right order on importance, calculate the average time you will need for each specific task and write down when you are gonna do it. Get a calendar or an agenda and STICK TO THE PLAN. While doing the tasks on your plan, use the 45/15 rule (see above).

10. Chill & relax

Take time to turn your mind off and chill. Get some fresh air, do sports or surround yourself by nature to get a break.

Try these tips and you will finally get that shit done! Not only that but you will also have piece of mind. Take control of your life and stay on top of it.

Remember: everyone hates doing the same things but the difference is that successful people just do them.

 Good luck!

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