Create A Healthy Lifestyle, Reach Your Goals & Unlock Your Full Potential!

You can do anything you want as long as you have the right strategy and mindset to achieve it. My blog is full of tips & tricks to help you get into that mindset and inspire YOU to unlock your full potential by living a healthy lifestyle, reaching your goals and SLAY IN LIFE!

It’s for GO-GETTERS that take life into their own hands and not just think about ‘someday’ but really take action, working hard towards their goals to turn their dreams into reality.

Living your full potential starts with a healthy lifestyle. Keeping up with a crazy fitness routine or a strict diet is almost impossible while living a busy lifestyle and going for a great career or having your own business. My blog is focused on how to balance both and not just quick fix solutions but long-term results!

Not only to have a beautiful body but also to be confident, have a clear mind, feel good in your skin and burst of energy. Nourish your body, live mindful and practice self-care to get the most out of yourself and unlock your full potential!

YOU Have The Power To Write Your Own Story! 

Hi it's Farah Cuyvers

Originally from Belgium but living in Barcelona, frothy coffee lover and I always going wherever the sun is shining.

I’m a content creator (‘aka’ blogger), business & success coach.

Inspiring ambitious people LIKE YOU to be your own boss, do what you love & create the life of your dreams by getting out of your comfort zone, reaching goals and getting sh*t done in order to make great things happen.

Doing this while living a healthy lifestyle to not only look bangin’ but also feel amazing. 

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Let’s Get Personal. Here’s My Story…

I grew up on a farm in a small town in Belgium. Since a young age, I’ve always been a little rebel and eager to explore.

After finishing my degree in ‘Management and Communications’, at the age of 20, I put all my belongings in a backpack and decided to travel around the world alone to find a new place to settle down and build up a live.

I wanted to break free from the ‘you can’t mindset’ & live my dreams!

My dream was to surf around the world and live in a sunny place but everyone around me told me I was ‘crazy’ and that that is ‘something everyone wants to do… so you shouldn’t cause it wouldn’t work out… ‘ Hell it DID!

Living in a place that inspires, pushes you forward and where anything is possible! 

So… after living in numerous places like Costa Rica, Australia, Bali & even working as a flight attendant; I settled down in sunny Barcelona.

I also had the luck to do a big trip around the world with a company as an ambassador for female entrepreneurship. Attending some of the most important business events and conferences in the world.



Over the years during all the traveling and chasing dreams, I went through a complete lifestyle & weight loss transformation  Losing 10kgs, living mindful, learning 6 languages fluent, building my own location-independent business and truly enjoying life in the moment.

Passionate by business, healthy living & creating inspiring content, I started my blog in 2017. I absolutely LOVE to inspire people to think outside the box in order to realise their dreams.

Setting up my business online I am able to work remotely, create inspiring content and coaching others to live the life they want.

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