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YOU have the body you’ve always wanted, you are healthy, have a balanced mind and feel confident in a bikini on the beach. 

You feel energetic when you wake up in the morning and feel relaxed when you go to sleep. Without fatigue during the day or insomnia at night. 

You feel strong, fit and easily walk upstairs without feeling puffed. 

Your skin feels hydrated, your nails strong, your teeth white and your hair glossy. In other words…

Being the fittest & healthiest version of yourself.

Glowing from inside out

BUT... You Know How It Goes...

You start super motivated, eat healthy and do lots of exercise but then… you start slacking down little by little and you’re back to ZERO.

Keeping up with a crazy fitness routine or a strict diet is HARD, especially when you already have lots of things going on. You probably have NO TIME to spend hours at the gym or to cook healthy food all day. Am I right?

Do You Feel Like...

  • you are struggling with motivation and somehow you ALWAYS give up?
  • you feel overwhelmed by all the mixed messages that are out there and don't know where to start?
  • you LOVE food... You don't want to give up your favorite meals or only survive on green juices?
  • it's hard to combine it all with the lifestyle you already have.. You don't know where to find time or how to squeeze it all in?

BUT... It doesn't have to be this way...


We all kind of know what to do to become fit. You need to eat healthy food and exercise more but… the most difficult thing is ACTUALLY DOING IT!

A couple of years ago, I personally went through a weight loss and lifestyle transformation myself. I was 10kg heavier, unhealthy and felt so bad in my skin.

After lots of experimenting and trying out every single diet, workout routine or method without success, I discovered that there is one thing that is so important!  Something that lots of people forget and is not included in many fit programs or nutrition books….

Besides good nutrition and regular exercise, there is another crucial element…  YOUR MINDSET. 

What followed was me, starting to read a lot of books, doing tons of research and I even followed a course for nutritionists. I started educating myself about mindset, how to set goals, become disciplined and stay motivated…

I discovered that… YES! You can be fit & healthy on a budget, without wasting hours in the kitchen or spend your entire day at the gym. 

You can still enjoy your favorite chocolate (it’s all about balance) and if you have a good system and organization it’s easy to keep up with a healthy lifestyle that makes you FEEL AMAZING.

It's all about the right Mindset!

– How to find motivation?
– How to become disciplined?
– How to overcome struggles?
– How to turn your ideas into a plan?
– How not to get overwhelmed by all the information?
– How to combine it all with the lifestyle you already have?
– How to find time to workout or save money on food?
– …
Most importantly… how to create a healthy lifestyle you LOVE so you can keep up with for the rest of your life.

I’m so excited to share everything I’ve discovered and inspire YOU to get the same amazing results. Not just telling what to eat or which exercise to do, but teaching how to create your own system that works for YOU. 

Using a positive approach and with long-term results. 

It’s time to unlock your full potential by creating a HEALTHY lifestyle you  LOVE with long-term results!

That is why I created


Transform your lifestyle and create a healthy routine you LOVE. 
Become fit, look good & feel amazing with LONG-TERM results. 


110 PAGES full of my personal healthy lifestyle tips & tricks

To look good, feel amazing and make you GLOW FROM THE INSIDE OUT!

It is not gonna tell you to eat no carbs or do a million burpees. Neither is it a 3-month program to get yourself a tight bikini body and then give up to get back to your old lifestyle. 

This guide is focused on transforming your MINDSET and LONG-TERM RESULTS. 

Nothing is forbidden and I want you to FEEL AMAZING. By using a positive approach and mindset hacks, we’re going to try to make it as easy as possible.

You are unique, so no fit program or guide could tell you exactly how and what to do. That’s why this ebook teaches you how to create YOUR OWN systems and strategy.

Good organization is key and you’ll learn how to implement all the tips step-by-step, so you don’t feel overwhelmed.


It helps you to...

01.   set yourself up for SUCCESS by changing your perspective and explaining you WHY doing the things you do. 

02.   adopt a WINNER’S MENTALITY, find motivation, make good decisions and take control. 

03.   learn the most important basics of nutrition and exercise. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

04.   Shift your focus, learn to be disciplined and push yourself further than you’ve ever done before.

Here Is What You Get:

  • 110 pages, full of my personal tips & tricks, focused on how to change your mindset to create a healthy lifestyle that you can keep up with... What to do when you want to give up, motivation hacks, learning how to become disciplined & more.
  • A step-by-step guide to learn the most important basics of nutrition and exercise. It’s not gonna go into deep depth about nutrition or the anatomy of your body so you don't get bored and it's easy to understand. It will cover the most essential information you need to know.
  • Divided in 5 easy-to-read chapters, full of interactive worksheets and printable templates to make it as easy as possible for you. Use them over and over again as much as you want!
  • BONUS: 'How to get massive results & keep them long-term'. Take it a step further and learn how to create good habits, overcome struggles, a good routine and more so you can keep it up!
  • BONUS: 1 Month free premium version of online MEAL PLANNER 'eatthismuch'

PLUS You'll Get The Exact Printable Templates I Use!

You can print and use the templates over and over again. There is NO expiry date! They come with explanation how to use and multiple personal examples to inspire you. 

  • Goal-setter
  • Progress tracker
  • 2 different meal planner templates
  • Grocery list template
  • Work out tracker
  • healthy habit tracker
  • Attack your struggles: into action
  • & more ...

Divided In 5 Different Easy-To-Read Chapters + Bonuses

(CLICK on each chapter below to discover more.)

  • What to expect
  • How it works
  • About me
  • My lifestyle transformation
  • This is a wake-up call
  • You are amazing
  • The amazing benefits of a healthy lifestyle
  • Your life is a roadmap: sometimes you will give up
  • Why do we always give up?
  • Leave your past and all your excuses behind: a fresh start
  • Reaching milestones
  • Reprogram your mind: winner’s mentality
  • Feed your mind with positive thoughts
  • No one is born with discipline.
  • You can learn it.
  • The impact of your small daily decisions
  • You are in control
  • Choosing for what you want now or what you want most?
  • Small efforts lead to big results: consistency is key
  • The phases you’ll go through
  • How to find motivation
  • How to stay motivated: motivation hacks!
  • Get into your flow
  • How your body works
  • The simple formula to lose weight or get ripped
  • How to lose weight in a healthy way. Long-term results!
  • #1 rule: nothing is forbidden
  • How to compose a healthy meal: macros
  • Control your portions
  • Food portion chart
  • Control your portions tips
  • Real food does not sell itself
  • If you can’t pronounce the ingredient, don’t eat it
  • Keep it clean
  • Clean eating food list
  • Dealing with cravings
  • Tricks to resist cravings
  • Hydration is key: water keeps you alive
  • Tips to drink more water
  • Alcohol in a healthy lifestyle
  • Essential supplements
  • Let’s get moving
  • Strength training: you already have a six-pack
  • Lifting weights is not going to make you bulky (unless you want to)
  • Cardio: lose weight or build up endurance
  • Useful apps & tools to make your life easier
  • Your why power + template
  • Crush your goals
  • Goal examples to inspire you
  • Goal-setter template
  • Track your progress + template
  • Implementing healthy food step by step (positive approach)
  • Healthy food ideas
  • Brainstorm food ideas: your turn!
  • How to set up your own meal plan that works
  • Meal plan + Grocery list templates
  • Save time and money by food prepping
  • Track/plan your workouts + templates
  • Your life is a roadmap
  • Recap: remember this
  • The end: congratulations
  • Create a routine you love 
  • Success depends on your habits
  • Golden tips to create good habits
  • Healthy habit tracker template
  • Overcoming struggles
  • Overcoming struggles: into action
  • Find a success buddy
  • Holding on in difficult situations

+ Instant Access To Following EXTRAS

  • 6+ different interactive worksheets
  • 7+ printable templates
  • Multiple trackers, planners & guides
Farah’s ebook is relatable with realistic step-by-step action plans to achieve anyone’s goals! Ever since I can remember I have been struggling with shedding mental and physical weight, and maintaining balance in life. I have been following Farah for years and have seen the major positive transformation that can be attained when one stays focused and believes in themselves. Every little bit counts! Her ebook is an inspiration that gives me boosted motivation to keep pushing on and achieve slow and steady yet long lasting results!

Take a Look Inside…    Sneak peek


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Are You the Right Person? My EBOOK is Not for Everyone…

This Is Not For You If

  • you're looking for an intense fitness program or strict diet where you are not allowed to eat any chocolate anymore, no carbs or no delicious treats AT ALL.
  • you want an instant dream body in 1 week and have no patience to give your body time to adapt. Ps: the jo-jo effect will get you...
  • you are the type of person that likes those magical wonder teas full of false promises and is looking for miracle results without making any effort.

This Is For You If

  • you are ready to make a change and create a fit & healthy lifestyle with a routine you LOVE and that you can keep up with FOR LIFE.
  • you LOVE food and you still want to enjoy your favorite chocolate. You know... it's all about balance.
  • you are prepared to make an effort. You know that to get REAL results you need to take REAL action. Soon you'll collect all the amazing the benefits of having a healthy lifestyle.

Okay Farah, So How Does It Exactly Work?


You CLICK the button ‘YES I WANT IT’. 

You will be directed to my online shop where you can add the ebook to your cart. All you need to do is follow the steps and confirm the payment. 


After your payment is confirmed you’ll INSTANTLY be able to download the ebook. 

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Ready to get started!  There is NO expiry date and you can get started immediately.

The ebook is divided in different chapters and easy-to-read so you can go through the content whenever works best for YOU. 

How Much Does it Cost?

You only have ONE body from the moment you are born, till you die and along the way it transforms and it changes. Your body is amazing and has incredible superpowers. It uses oxygen in the air to keep you alive. It converts the food you eat into energy so you can run, dance and jump around. It has the genes and DNA of your ancestors and can pass it along to your children.

That’s why… learning how to take care of your body is the most valuable gift you can give to yourself.

Your Investment for a Healthier Lifestyle

Investing in your health now, will save you tons of money and maybe even your life in the future. Eating low-quality food can lead to diseases and the costs of medication would be much higher than that you take care of your health now. 






(grab your chance!)

To begin with, I truly adore Farah for her kindness and her enthusiasm that is super contagious. These two elements really are reflected in her fit ebook and help you to feel motivated from the first page! Farah’s fit mindset ebook is awesome and it helped me in so many ways! One of the things I like most is that it doesn’t focus on losing weight. No, it focuses on treating yourself and your body right, so you will start to FEEL amazing! Farah’s ebook truly helps to make better lifestyle choices, one step at a time. Hence it is very easy to adhere to the great advice she is giving. Her tips are very practical and it also prepares you for possible struggles. This guide is a great investment in yourself and I believe everyone should read it, so you start treating yourself the way you deserve ❤

Meet Your Online 'Success Coach'

Farah Cuyvers

Originally from Belgium but living in Barcelona, frothy coffee lover and I always go wherever the sun is shining.  I‘m a content creator and LOVE inspiring ambitious people like you. 

YOU can do anything you want as long as you have the right strategy and mindset to achieve it. 

I’m here to help you to get into that mindset and inspire YOU to take life into your own hands, change your mindset & unlock your full potential by living a healthy lifestyle to not only look good but also feel amazing.

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Transform your lifestyle and create a healthy routine you LOVE. 
Become fit, look good & feel amazing with LONG-TERM results. 






(Last chance!)