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As long as you have the right strategy & mindset to achieve it.

Hi! I’m…     Farah cuyvers


Supporting badass women on their personal and business growth journey.

Originally from Belgium (the Flemish part) based in Barcelona, frothy coffee lover and I always going wherever the sun is shining.  I speak six languages with Flemish (Dutch from Belgium) as my native. I love surfing, photography & singing in the shower (which sounds very bad btw).

I absolutely loooove inspiring ambitious people LIKE YOU to be a boss, do what you love & create the life of your dreams by getting out of your comfort zone, reaching goals and getting sh*t done in order to make great things happen.

Which… starts by creating a healthy lifestyle to not only LOOK BANGIN’ but also FEEL AMAZING to unlock your full potential 💪🏼.

A couple of years ago, I was 10kg heavier, unhealthy and felt so bad in my skin. After experimenting with every single diet or workout routine without success, I decided to change my lifestyle completely. I shifted my focus from losing weight to becoming healthy and feeling good. I read every single book I could find about health, mindset and even studied a course to become a nutritionist. 

Passionate by business, healthy living & creating inspiring content, I started  my first blog called ‘Fit & Fruity’ in 2015Later, this transformed to my current blog ‘Farahinthesun’ with more focus on mindset, GIRLPOWER and becoming the best version of yourself! I absolutely LOVE to inspire people to think outside the box in order to realise their dreams

After many experimenting, ups & downs, and above all a lot of experience, I have poured the most essential knowledge to build a healthy lifestyle into 3 e-books: mindset, nutrition and exercise.

By creating my blog, sharing my journey online, publishing ebooks and more; I became so passionate about the digital world that I deep-dived in the world of online business and marketing. 

Setting up my business online I am able to work remotely, create inspiring content and guiding others in their journey towards success.

After years of experience and building multiple business online; I wanted to guide other ambitious female entrepreneurs to also make their dreams come true and live a life of freedom, so dedicated my time to become online business mentor. That’s when I created my online business learning platform ‘passiontoprofit’, where I offer courses, 1 on 1 business mentoring and more.

YOU can do anything you want as long as you have the right strategy and mindset to achieve it.

I’m here to help you to get into that mindset and inspire YOU to take life into your own hands. It’s time to unlock your full potential by living a healthy lifestyle to not only look good but also feel amazing. 

Read more about my weight loss transformation -10kg. From feeling bad in my skin, lack of energy, bad mindset… to my living my full health potential, feeling strong, loads of energy and more. 

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