How I learned to speak 6 languages fluently & how you can do it too!

Watch me speak 6 languages & learn how you can do it too!

🦋 In this very highly requested video I’m showing you all my secret tips & tricks how you can do it too!
🦋 No boring language classes! Nope, with my tips and techniques you can learn a new language in a fun and easy way!
🦋 Did you know that to be able to have a basic conversation you have to know approx. 1000 words?
➡️ Imagine you learn 5 words a day. That is 35 words a week, that is 140 words a month… That is only 7 months to be able to have a basic conversation!!!
➡️ Invest in a good language book.
➡️ Make a plan by setting mini-goals & personal deadlines.
➡️ Learn 5 new words daily & revise min 3 times!
➡️ Connect your new habit of learning your daily words to an already existing habit.
➡️ Get a notebook to write down new words & frases you use often or daily (google translate).
➡️ Learning the lyrics of songs & sing along.
➡️ Watch movies with subtitles.
➡️ Find a buddy to practice with.
➡️ Start thinking in the new language eg. groceries lists, change the language on your phone,…


To learn a new language you gotta make a plan, set goals and make it happen! Receive 15% discount on my ebook & interactive action plan: ‘GET SH*T DONE’.  For everyone who wants to learn a new language & reach their goals!  Use code: ‘GETSTARTED’.  

Language book Recommendations

Learn English, Learn Spanish (grammar) + (vocabulary), Learn French, Learn German, Learn PortugueseLearn Italian 

Let me know in the comments below which language you are learning and what are your 5 (or less or more) new words you are learning today? I’m so curious!


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Melissa Simpson November 22, 2018 - 16:56

Great video Farrah! Still trying to get better at Spanish, but leaves me encouraged to be able to learn other languages as well! I like the writing in the journal idea! 🙂

Farah Cuyvers November 23, 2018 - 12:19

Thanks Melissa! So good you are motivated! Yes the journal works super good. Even if it is only a couple of sentences a day. Every little effort helps to get better :D.

Good luck!!


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